Welcome to Hidden Heights The Arch Studio Online Photo Exhibition. 

LIVE. 05.07.20 - 31.07.20

So we've had the idea for a while to host regular photo exhibition evenings at the studio but...as you all know, work can sometimes get in the way of your ideas and personal projects, however due to lockdown (with slightly more time on our hands) we decided to host The Arch Studio as an Online Exhibition to show appreciation for some of the most talented local photo creators.

We asked you to nominate your favourite fellow photographers via our instagram @hiddenheightsstudio, where our in-house photographer Marie would then select the final nominees and showcase a set of their finest work. We had such a great response to the post, so It was really tough to narrow it down. After a few days of going through all the nominations and a checking out a lot of top work...featured in the exhibition are photographers from all genres, backgrounds and knowledge levels. Some of you are photography friends of ours, some of you we have never met before but adore your work and some of you we've only just stumbled across during this project and have fell in love with your work!

You spoke...we listened...without further ado here are our top local photo creators who were nominated.



Name: Cameron Dowson
Location: North Shields
About: I’m a photographer and videographer based in the North East of England. This photo set is from a road trip I took in Canada for my 20th birthday. We began in Vancouver and headed up to Jasper, down the Ice fields Parkway to Banff before heading back to Vancouver. The shot of the boat hut at lake Louise was taken shortly after sunrise on my birthday after setting off in the dark earlier that morning. The panorama of Moraine lake was great fun, I got there well before sunset and scrambled up the rocks with my camera and tripod and watched the sun slowly set for a few hours on top of the rocks.

Instagram Handle: @cam_dowson





Name: James Elliot
Location: Durham
About: I didn't seriously start taking photographs until about two and a half years ago, when I first started modelling in Tokyo. I was often surrounded by photographers and other models and I found this creative environment really exciting and stimulating, so one day I bought a 35 mm camera from a second-hand shop and I haven't looked back since. I usually shoot on 35 mm film because I think I'm a romantic at heart and I often feel a sense of sentimentality towards the past. For similar reasons I chose the following images. They represent a time in my life when I was just taking photos of my friends. For me, there is no pretence in these images and in that sense they are the most pure.

Instagram handle: @samo_tky




Name: Alex Robson
Location: Tynemouth 
About: I’m a photographer based up North,  I studied Architecture / Planning at Newcastle Uni, but picked photography up through the degree then once I graduated decided to see where I could get with it. I started mainly doing some events photography, shooting nightlife, then gradually moved towards fashion and lifestyle work. This set features Kofi, shot for local brand Chained Able, Kofi up there with being one of the happiest easy going guy’s you’d meet, making him a pleasure to shoot with.
Thanks for the opportunity and hope you guys are safe and well!

Instagram handle@alexjrobson




Name: Darina Mohammed
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne 
About: My name is Darina and I am a Freelance photographer currently based in Newcastle. This selected series “The Locals of Dhermi” was taken on trip to Albania in 2019, I spent just under two weeks getting to know and photograph the people who make the small seaside town so special. I was constantly captivated by the warmth and positivity shown to me and the openness to be allowed into the community.

Instagram Handle: @d_a_r_i_n_a_x





Name: Sara Azizi 
Location: Gateshead 
About: I have self taught myself photography since the age of 13 when I first discovered Tumblr and Flickr. It was the first time I saw the power that a photograph holds and the clever ways in which you can edit. I started buying disposable cameras from Boots when I started college because I wanted to have a more intimate and raw feel to the photos I was taking of my friends in social settings. This theme runs throughout all my work, although I dabble a lot in portrait photography, majority is taken in candid moments while travelling. Here is the latest series I have created is from a trip to Marrakech and Essaouira in Morocco before the world went into lockdown.

Instagram Handle: @srzz_





Name: Georgia Watson 
Location: Newcastle 
About: I'm an architectural photographer, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. For the past 5 years, I've studied photography, taking this to my advantage to find my own unique style in imagery and currently completing my Bachelor Degree. 
This series of images represent the modern architecture of Newcastle, the clouds add texture and earthiness to these amazing iconic structures, including 2 images of the City Library, which I feel is not appreciated enough for its creative architecture. The mint coloured skies being a signature in my work. My main goal is to capture images of buildings in a different perspective from anyone else, making it unique and my own.

Instagram Handle: @geewatson.photography





Name: Daryl Scott Walker 
Location: Cramlington, Northumberland
About : Daryl is a British photographer who lives in the North East of England, who’s work is defined by compelling photography and emotive storytelling. His photography journey started by exploring the beautiful Northumberland coast and since then has expanded to Scotland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. As Scotland is so close to home, it has fast become a regular destination for weekend getaways and longer adventure trips. The landscapes up north are extremely diverse which offers incredible opportunities to build a strong portfolio. This series of images looks at two recent trips and ventures to the East and West coast taking in rugged coastlines, towering waterfalls, the native deer and the famous Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye.

Instagram Handle: @darylswalker





Name: Adam Thirtle
Location: Gateshead

About: I am Adam Thirtle and I am currently living and working as a fashion photographer in the North East. I owe my passion for photography to documenting the vibrant characters of Newcastle's skateboard scene since I was 15. 
These formative years have inspired and shaped the way I shoot until this day and that authenticity and honesty is something I often try to seek out in my work beyond skateboarding. This series from the last few years is a glimpse of some of the characters and talent that can be found within the skateboard community in the North East. Hopefully one day soon, we'll be able to spend time skateboarding with our friends and shooting again. 

Instagram Handle: @adamthirtle





Name: Cal Cowie
Location: North East England
About: Cal is an outdoor and adventure photographer based in the North East of England. You'll see his work shot all over the UK but primarily in Northumberland, Scotland and the Lake District.

When we began the boat journey over to the Farne Islands, I had never photographed birds before and was using a camera system and focal length which were foreign to me. Some say in adversity you thrive, and on that day I certainly put this theory to the test. The weather was ever-changing with dark cloud advancing and retreating for the duration of our stay. This created the perfect abstract background for these flamboyant, charismatic and colourful creatures which seemed inviting and at ease by our presence.

Instagram Handle: @calcowie 





Name: Charlotte Summers
Location: Newcastle
About: I’ve been a fashion photographer & stylist for 11 years with some of my highlights including; working alongside Rosie Fortescue (Made in Chelsea), shooting festival style content at Glastonbury for Now magazine and interning at ITV with the ‘This Morning’ fashion team. 
Coming from a theatre background i’ve always been incredibly creative and this has transferred to my editorials giving them a storytelling aspect throughout the images. 
This series titled ‘This is Our Land’ was my first ever junior editorial. Shot on location at The Rising Sun Farm it features six models, who had all travelled a huge distance for this shoot, eighteen full outfits including shoes and a very cloudy day. It was also published in That Kinder Magazine.

Instagram Handle: @charlotte__summers





Name: Ryan Edy
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
About: Ryan Edy originates from the North East of England via Zimbabwe. He’s always had a keen interest in capturing his vision of the world around him, from constantly sketching stuff as a young child to embarking on his first forays with his Father’s camera. After leaving Art College at 19, Ryan worked as an assistant on many prestigious advertising and editorial commissions, often abroad for weeks at a time. Yet despite the early starts and late finishes, he would still find time to grab his own camera whenever and wherever he could. Developing his own style and collecting clients along the way until he felt the time was right to go it alone in 2013. What motivates Ryan above all else, is to try and ‘involve’ the viewer in the image. It’s this ‘caught in the moment’ style that differentiates his work, making it almost tangible. Much like the athletes he often shoots, Ryan (a crossfit enthusiast) pushes himself hard and applies the same intensity, industry and endeavour to all his projects. His work has been featured in Communication Arts, Campaign, Creative Review, The Drum and The AOP. 

With her slim frame, long braided hair and radiant smile, 18-year-old Shanelle Dyer looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly. But put her in a mixed martial arts ring and the ambitious young fighter becomes a dangerous weapon.

Project in collaboration with Shannelle Dyer & Eddie McClements from Playmaker.

Instagram Handle: @ryanedy





Name: Megan Grace Bulman-Homer 
Location: Middlesbrough 
About: Megan is a documentary and portrait photographer and is also an aspiring filmmaker, originally from Middlesbrough but based in Newcastle Upon Tyne for the last 3 years, her photo series depicts the working class youth culture in the North East, her inspiration for this project was the original Trainspotting movie advertisements with high key black and white portraits, which she felt perfectly incapsulated some of the gritty realism of the working class youth.

Instagram Handle: @mg.bh




Name: Georgia Claire
Location: Gosforth
About: Georgia Claire is a photographer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne specialising in naturally lit stylised portraits. Her work is often influenced by the natural world and environmental issues. This series of images shot in North Tyneside of model Charlotte Frazer encapsulates her romantic, emotive photographic style, drawing inspiration from vintage aesthetics."

Instagram Handle: @georgia_claire_




Name: Ben Hughes
Location: Newcastle

Strangers Of Craft • Ongoing project 
As life becomes more pixel oriented, hypersonic in tone, consistently back lit, with hand held perspectives, and automated tendencies I find myself looking not to the future, instead to the past. I needed to get my hands on something more tangible, and rediscover the art of photography for myself, deep rooted in a more traditional perspective, method, and application. I’ve always flirted with film photography, a reliable side-arm in my day to day digital agenda. It feels only natural to take this weekend romance and run with it as a dedicated project. Focusing on the movers and shakers that I frequent and capturing them in their natural environment, not to the sound of a thousand clicks, instead the ominous occasional shutter of my Yashica. Armed only with 120 film and a light meter I aim to move around in shadow and shine a light on the magic of analogue photography. If only to satisfy my own creative cravings.
Artist in the images - Ashley Willerton Film developed & Scanned by Michael OGrady (Tannersbank Darkroom)

Instagram Handle: @Benhughesphoto





Name: Chris Davis
Location: Durham

About: Having spent several years shooting model folios for agencies across the uk and overseas, under the alias 'Specular', Chris now shoots for fashion & portrait clients worldwide. Published in GQ, New York Times, Forbes, Vogue Portugal, Marie Claire, Grazia, Attitude and The Guardian among others, Chris’s imagery ranges from bold, high contrast and sculptural uses of light, to more subtle timeless looks, which show his love of Cinematography. “I've always enjoyed making and creating things since I can remember, I was lucky enough to have grown up around artists and I still love to surround myself with creative people. I draw inspiration from a wide range of media, including music, film, paintings and most importantly my clients themselves.”

"Something I love about fashion, is the chance to work with more diverse models, and although I still love to work with ‘classic definitions’ of beauty, a lot of fashion models have more unique and unusual looks, which I find so inspiring and interesting to work with. This retrospective is a look back over 10 years of some of my favourite portraits, with some amazing models and actors that i’ve been lucky enough to work with over the years. "

Instagram Handle @specular






Name: Michael Sreenan
Location: Redcar

About: I’m a portrait photographer based in Redcar. I tend to shoot natural, relaxed work that tries to capture a moment rather than just a pose. I have a background in filmmaking so I try to bring a cinematic view to shoots. During lockdown I’ve felt the need to create some work to keep a sense of some normality so set up a couple of shoots via FaceTime. The process was similar to other shoots, creating a scene, finding the light and capturing the right moment but it was also totally different not being able to move without explaining!

Instagram Handle @mchlsrnn





Name: Emily Heath 
Location: Durham, UK 

About: I’m Emily, a photographer from Durham that has a passion for film photography, but mostly portraiture. I’m also half way through studying a law degree at the University of Kent. UNIFORM is a mini-series me and Caitriona Oladapo worked on together last summer. In this series I wanted to focus on letting the clothes wear the model, and pay attention to movement. Despite not a lot of focus on the model’s profile, I would still say it was a study in portraiture with a twist. If anything, this series doesn’t have any particularly deep back story - it was probably the most fun I’ve had on a shoot to date!

Instagram Handle: @emheath.photo




Name: Philip Veitch
Location: Sunderland
About: "I've been a professional photographer and image retoucher for over 7 years. What really attracts me to photography is faces. I love the anticipation of photographing someone; finding out that their personality or voice doesn't match the image you've seen pre-shoot. I have a bad habit of seeing the imperfection in things, but I think I use that to my advantage and always try to capture something that makes you stop and look. I also fall out of love with my work very quickly - a fraction of a second never really gives enough of the person away that I met on shoot. These are a few of my favourite shots, from collections I always seem to name after the models."

Instagram Handle: @veitch.photography




Name: Reece James Morrison
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

About: Hi! I'm Reece, a fashion photographer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Aside from working as a photographer for END. Clothing, I also work closely with magazines to create content for their platform and readership through collaborating with stylists and other creatives. This series of images show recent work with Sony, Tmrw, Contributor and YOKO Magazine.

Instagram Handle: @reecejamesmorrison




We hope you enjoyed checking out some of the local talent, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to visit and thank all the participants who took part in our first ever exhibition, we hope to make this happen on a regular basis with many different ideas in mind, whether it be online or a social evening at the studio as the pandemic begins to ease. In the mean time if you have any ideas or want to discuss hosting your own exhibition evening at the studio, please feel free to drop us an email at info@hiddenheightsstudio.com.

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