Hello guys,

Marie here, so this week we speak to our mens creative hairstylist Sam Wall, here sam opens up about how he’s coping after 3 weeks in lockdown.

Hey guys…Well isn’t this a mad time to be alive. History is being made…the world is changing…and we are just finally having our eyes opened to what really is important in life…and that’s Life! 

How crazy is it that it has taken something so severe for the world to slow down and take a rain check, to realise that life is taken away way too easily, realise just how important our NHS system really is and to even realise that the powers above are bigger then us and once again remind us all to get back in our box and not take this world for granted. 
For me its certainly been a rain check, although I’m counting my blessings as I know my situation could be a lot worse and my thoughts are with those who are more affected by this or who are genuinely risking their lives everyday. It took me a while to get into the flow of this piece, but here it is…purely an insight in to lockdown with one man and his dog.My camera roll has gone from being hair and industry focused to landscapes and puppy pics and I’ve become one of those “dog” people and I love every second :) haha. 

Week 1 was a breeze I kinda treated it like a holiday and completely zoned out. Watched a shit load of series, hammered the films, unwound and relaxed whilst being entertained by the pooch.

Week 2 however become a bit sticky, the realisation of the shit show that laid ahead of me kicked in. The “ignorance is bliss” phase soon wore off and my mood dampened. I realised I had to relax because no matter what we do, we cant change the situation and what will be will be. All we can try and do is stay positive and stay sane, although this isolation is starting to make me think I was never sane in the first place, so here is to hoping this quarantine makes me saner!
Week 3 approached and I wont lie, unintentionally and through complete lack of boredom I found myself in a really good routine. This wasn’t planned but again, every time I try to force something in life it never works for me. The positives always appear when I relax, accept my mood and flow with it, not always as easy as that I may add but it works for me.

This time that we have on our hands does allow us to think a lot, (sometimes overthink) reflect, appreciate and just reset. I can only talk from a solo perspective here as now we are into week 4 and I’m actually beginning to realise that, I’ve learnt so much about myself, if you had put me in this situation 2 years ago I would have coped very differently. Its always good to measure your growth at times like this. I also don’t know what I would have done without my new pooch Jasper, he certainly ended up with me for a reason. All in all its been a testing time and there is more to come but let’s not be too hard on ourselves. 

“It’s ok not to be ok” - The Lions Barber Collective, Founder Tom Chapman

Everyone will have their take on the current situation as its effected everyone in many different ways. It’s a complete shit show but we are all in this one together as cliche as that sounds. 
I want to take the time to say a huge thank you to my clients and customers that are still purchasing products from my LETS AVE IT” range and to those who have offered to pre pay for appointments (I will release more information in the coming weeks).

One last thing, I’ve seen a few crazy hair challenges out there but the one I will be supporting is the #GrowOutChallenge. Which is basically not cutting your hair or shaving your beard to support your local hairdresser/barber and obviously to see just what we all look like with with that outgrown look! Mine is getting pretty out of control as you can see but as they say practice what you preach.

Thank You to all my clients for the many years of support, I appreciate you all. Hope to see you all sooner rather than later, stay safe… stay sane!

Much Love
Mr Sam Wall.

If you are brave enough to style it out rather than shave it off here are Sam’s top 4 products from his LETS AVE IT” range.

1. “SILKY FRESHCLEANSER - Start with a deep cleanse to achieve a “Silky Fresh” finish.
2. “ELLO MATESPRAY - A sprits of the “Ello Mate” spray over the hair followed by drying through with a hair dryer to give a textured finish.
3. “THATS A TOUCHCLAY - Work “That’s a Touch” clay into your style for a matte finish, which will reveal texture, definition & control.
4. “MOISTURISER  - Finish off with the ultimate “Moist”uriser, refreshes, soothes, hydrates and de-stresses your skin.

These are available to purchase via Sam’s online store at www.mrsamwall.co.uk

Instagram: @mrsamwall

Or Get in touch: mrsamwall@icloud.com

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