Hello again guys, we are back this week this time chatting to our head stylist Aimee Mcpherson aka as she enlightens us with her views on the hair industry during lockdown and why you should be resisting the temptation to pick up those scissors or box dyes, take this time to give your hair a break and practice what you preach!

Hi guys, I’m Aimee, head stylist at Hidden Heights Creative Studio, I have been working alongside Marie aka Harkness Photography as part of Hidden Heights for 4 years now. Usually, I’m quite a reserved person, In both my personal and work life and I tend to play my hairdressing experience and achievements down a lot. You won’t normally see me preaching or commenting publicly on controversial posts within the industry, it’s not that I don’t have an opinion, (because believe me I do!) It’s just I prefer not to say anything to avoid controversy. However, during lockdown I’m seeing a lot of people, provide FREE  ‘cut & colour your own hair’ tutorials, which yes…is helping us stay creative and is keeping us all entertained during social distancing. I understand that stylists and salons are trying to stay engaged with their customers or audience, however, I feel like i’m speaking on behalf of a lot of other hair stylists who personally feel that this is simply demeaning the industry and degrading what we have all worked so hard to achieve as professionals.

A recent article I’ve read was from 2 guys that have set up a virtual online class where a barber talks you through a cut in a 20 min tutorial…I’m still developing my skills after 20 years of doing it…sorry but It’s not that easy. I’m a hair educator 9-5 and I teach apprenticeships on a daily basis, since the announcement of lockdown I have been tasked to continue this virtually from home during lockdown and under these circumstances, please don’t undermine all of our hard work and take this away from us and from them…

In our industry we constantly fight that ‘Your JUST a hairdresser’ Sigma and we find it difficult to make people understand that we are skilled professionals, it has taking many years to build the knowledge and skill set we have and as the industry develops, we are continuously practicing and perfecting our trade. Giving the people our many years of knowledge just to keep them entertained is completely depleting our skill. I know this blog probably won’t go down well with some stylists but It’s my opinion and going by what I’ve seen, I also share this opinion with a lot of other stylists.

Instead of this during lockdown, I’ve been contacting customers and asking them to follow our Quarantine Hair Club routine, offering tips on styling their hair, how to temporarily hide there natural root colour that’s growing in, bare with and don’t be tempted by the boredom to attempt ‘at home’ hair colours and cuts. Let’s face it, an outgrown professional cut is better then a dodgy uneven cut. Another reason I’m asking customers to bare with me is…think about all the time, effort and money that you have put in to keeping your hair in good condition? if you cave, all of this will have simply gone down the drain and it will most likely cost the customer a lot more money to correct it.

Now my blog is titled practice what you preach and their is certainly a meaning behind this…I’ve been taking a stand for all my lovely customers that are struggling with their hair and have been going through exactly the same pain as you all have, I will not be cutting or colouring my own hair during lockdown, until we can re-open our doors again! Yes I could cut and colour my own hair from home because I have the experience and knowledge to do this without messing it up, but Instead I will stand with you all and wait it out!

I’m taking my own quarantine hair club advice by investing in our premium Davines Wellbeing Shampoo & Conditioner and applying The Quick Fix Circle Hair Mask two times per week. I’m also limiting my washes and not using any heat on my hair. My hair needs lots of moisture due to a lot of previous bleach applications and by following this routine over the last 6 weeks, I’m starting to see a significant difference in the condition!

Going forward I believe that sending the message of ‘be patient and tolerate’ your hair during lockdown, can help to support and sustain the hair industry in the long run…and your hair will be having that well needed detox in the process…bonus! With this in mind I’ve been trying my best to support other similar local businesses, for example leaving my eyebrows to grow in and buying all my groceries locally from many different independent businesses. Small businesses need us more than ever right now!

I’ll finish off today with a sneak peak of my new hair collection that Marie and I have been working on during lockdown…stay home, stay safe and hang in there, it won’t be long till you hair looks awesome again! ;)

Aimee x

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