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  1. IT’S A DOGS LIFE…Jasper

    11 May 2020

    by Marie Harkness JASPER’S HERE! So going into our 8th week of lockdown….I think we are all starting to realise the meaning of ‘It’s A Dogs Life’ Go WalkiesEatSleepShitRepeat We know some of our furry friends will be in all their glory during lockdown, going long walks various times a…

  2. A CHANGE IN MOVEMENT: Marie Harkness

    27 Apr 2020

    Hey lockdown Crew, Marie here, I hope everyone is staying home and keeping safe? I’d like to start off today by mentioning that 2020 is my 10 year Anniversary trading as Harkness Photography, it was also the 4th birthday of Hidden Heights on the 3rd of March at our Arch…

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