by Marie Harkness


So going into our 8th week of lockdown….I think we are all starting to realise the meaning of ‘It’s A Dogs Life’

  • Go Walkies
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Shit
  • Repeat

We know some of our furry friends will be in all their glory during lockdown, going long walks various times a day, eating well, plenty cuddles and probably most of all spending more time with their favourite humans! Here are some top tips from our boy Jasper on how to do quarantine like a pro!

#Tip 1

Go long walks in pretty places…take this time to go on mini adventures…try some new walking routes during lockdown.

#Tip 2

Enjoy nature…take some time to appreciate nature whether it’s your indoor urban jungle, garden paradise or on a long walk.

#Tip 3

Always smile and be kind…A smile goes a long way during these uncertain times…it may even make someones day!

#Tip 4

Find ways to keep yourself entertained…stay sane and try to keep proactive during lockdown or find other ways to entertain yourself…

#Tip 5

Take advantage of the spring/summer days…some of you may normally work 9-5 (or later like us!) cooped up in an office during these sunnier days, make sure you take advantage of the sun during lockdown…let’s face it, we won’t be going on holiday any time soon!

#Tip 6

Catch up on your sleep…need we say anymore?

#Tip 7

Take a break from social media…we all need a well deserved break from social media sometimes…unless its the only thing keeping you sane right now?

#Tip 8


#Tip 9

Stay Active…Busy lifestyle and no time for exercise? nows the perfect time to stay active!

#Tip 10

Stay Sane…by now we are all probably starting to loose the plot…remember keep proactive!

#Tip 11

Stay cute…use this time for some self care, hair mask…face mask…mani or pedi…stay cute and pamper yourself!

#Tip 12

Catch up on Netflix and have a lazy day… your aloud a lazy day here and there, you deserve it!

#Tip 13

Snuggle with your isolation partner…some days you will feel low and will need a cuddle now and again, its ok to have these days!

#Tip 14

Request as much attention as possible from your isolation partners…

#Tip 15

Go to the park…play fetch…with STICKS! (keep your distance!)

Stay home and dream of how good that first pint will be in your favourite bar when this is all over!

Much Love x


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