TIK TOK: How’s Hayley?

Hello, we are back again, this week we have a quick TIK TOK with Hidden Heights front of house Hayley to see how she is coping during Isolation.

Heyy, Hayley here!

Before I say anything about my journey during the COVID-19 global pandemic, I’d like to firstly give a massive thank you to all of the NHS staff that are risking their lives on the front line. I’d also like to thank all of the other key workers for keeping this country running including my boyfriend Jord, I appreciate you all!

The first week of my journey was full of uncertainty. I was worried about the health and jobs of myself as well as my friends and family. Being a self employed wedding photographer, the epidemic has had a massive impact on my business. A lot of my jobs in 2020 have now been rearranged due to lockdown regulations. I have been selling vouchers for future shoots to keep the business ticking. It was worrying at first, however, I have come to accept the situation and try to find positives in it, Like being able to spend more time with my family. I made the decision to self isolate with my dad. He lives alone with his dog, Molly, so my boyfriend and I moved in to keep him company, plus self isolating with a pooch is way more fun. My dad lives next to a dene so we’ve kept ourselves busy by going for long scenic walks with the dog.

The Second week was all about adapting, adapting to a new routine and life in isolation with my dad. I haven’t lived with him for a period of time this long since I was 12 years old, so it has been nice to spend time with him. Before the lockdown I had an influx of work so editing has kept me in a routine and busy during the week while my boyfriend is at work. I have to admit it was a lot harder to find motivation to actually sit down and start working but once I did I felt much better for it, even if I did have an attention seeking pooch standing on my laptop keyboard at any chance she got.

Again, in the third week I struggled with motivation. I found myself doing pointless tasks to avoid sitting down and doing work (Like TikTok, which I’m now addicted to!). To over come this I made weekly to do lists! I LOVE A LIST! The lists were made up of small daily goals to complete. I found by doing this it gave me a boost of motivation, as when I was able to tick off a task, it gave me a sense of achievement.

In the fourth week, I finally got on top of work and completed multiple deadlines!

Hallelujah! All thanks to my little lists!

I am now into the fifth week of isolation and all of the days are merging into one, I must have gained a stone in weight and I’m now a professional darts player! haha. My focus going forward during lockdown consists of getting plenty of exercise and thinking about future business plans.

To help sustain may business I am offering vouchers for photo sessions on a buy now, shoot later basis, If anyone would like to purchase a photoshoot voucher and support my business, hit me up at hayley@hiddenheightsstudio.com (I promise not to spend it all on flaming hot monster munch!)

Thanks for taking the time to give this a read! see you all on the flip side!
Hayls x
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